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The Bayshill Inn
The Bayshill Inn


The Bayshill Inn has traded as a Public House continually for at least one hundred and sixty years. In 1856 the Landlords are recorded as William and Samuel Stinchcombe. Between them they kept the pub for over twenty years. There is a record that indicates that they brewed their own beer on the premises under the name of the 'Bayshill Brewery'.

The records also show that the 'Cheltenham Original Brewery' owned the premises in 1891. In those days it was known as a licensed 'Ale House' and the Landlord was now Frank Fowler Salmon. He stayed for over ten years and then in 1902 the Landlord is recorded as a George Thomas Ryland (pictured above).

Cheltenham itself had a long history with the brewers 'Whitbread' and it was they who later acquired the actual premises. With their own brewery well established in Monson Avenue (what is now 'The Brewery'  leisure & retail area), 'Whitbread' had a virtual monopoly on the town's licensed premises'.


Over the years several of these pubs were leased to other breweries, including 'Wadworth', and it is they who took over the Bayshill Inn from 'Whitbread'. As 'Whitbread's interests expanded elsewhere ('Whitbread' diversified into other leisure areas, expanding the number of 'Travel Inn's and acquiring 'Costa Coffee' etc) they sought to offload some of the pubs in their portfolio. As a result 'Wadworth' finally purchased the premises in 1991.  


Throughout this period, from 1972 all the way through to 1999, the Landlord was Trevor Wren with his wife, Brenda

The Bayshill has had its ups and downs over the years and as Britain struggled through yet another recession, it was rumoured that the brewery would have to close it, after it was found to be on the route of a proposed inner ring road. During the Summer of 1987 Cheltenham Borough Council had approved the route but that it was the responsibility of the County Council to carry out the work.


This led to a surge of protest which resulted in a local band called 'Decameron' releasing a single, under the name 'The Bayshill Rollers', called 'Save the Bayshill' (The record sleeve is illustrated above). A T-Shirt was also printed. Fortunately the plans never came to anything and the Bayshill Inn has remained trading to this day.


The 'Decameron' were formed in 1968 by Johnny Coppin & Dave Bell and although their lineup has changed and evolved over the years they are still just about in existence. Their connection to the pub was that the four original band members had rented a large flat in nearby Parabola Road and were 'regulars' during this period.


For those of you interested in the rich history of this band - click here!




The joke illustrated above appeared in the local paper, the 'Gloucestershire Echo' at the time, just another indication as to how high feelings were running on this issue.


'The Tippler' reported that over eighty letters of protest were sent to the Borough Council, 'with many more (sent) to County Councillors on the Committee'. Amongst these letters of protest was one from the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra!


Another point of interest during this period was the painting of a large mural on the wall in the main bar area, which showed the Landlord's, Trevor & Brenda Wren, and a number of the locals of that era. Unfortunately it was painted over in 2004 when the pub was re-decorated.

To the left is a section of the mural. Facing out from the bar towards St Georges Place this section was to your right just to the left of the window. Recently a time line, naming all the recorded Landlords, has been painted onto a wall in the same area of the bar.


Lisa was the Manager of the Bayshill from the beginning of July 2011, when she took over from retiring Landlord Fred Boxall, until the June of 2012, when she became the Licensee of the Beaufort Arms.


Only six months later the opportunity arose to return to the Bayshill as the Licensee. Having enjoyed her time there so much it was an easy decision to make. Unable to give up on the Beaufort Arms either, she initially retained both, before reluctantly leaving the Beaufort recently so she can concentrate purely on the Bayshill.

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